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My Link Experiment

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So here’s the deal. I’m extremely intrigued as are many people of the concept of the Google PageRank. To have a high page rank is a valuable metric as a webmaster. There have been many articles and many how-to’s on the basics of increasing your PR. One of the basics of increasing your number is by links in to your site and the PR of those sites. I’d like to test this notion.

This is a fairly new site with minimal content, so this mimicks what a new blogger’s site may look like. What I’d like to experiment with is the ability to have people link into this site and see how the PR of this page changes. Whether you have a PR of 0 or a PR of 10 it’s all the same, a link is a link (or is it???) My thought would be to get as many links as possible and then see what happens with the PR.

Some questions you maybe asking yourself ( I know I would be ):

  • “That’s great, but why would I participate?” good quesiton… If it’s not just from the goodness of your heart, how about a free iPod?? Here’s the deal, the first 1,500 people to link into my site will go into a drawing. From that group of people one person will win a iPod Nano 2Gig (black or white, your choice). That’s right, all you have to do is trackback, or link from your site. Either way Make sure it registers below, if it doesn’t just leave me a comment below saying that you, and your url where I can find it and you will be in the drawing.
  • “Why would you do this?” Not sure, just intrigued about how PR get’s increased. As you can see theres not much on this site. It’s just a free WordPress.com account without any ads of ANY kind. So this is not a con or a spam by any means. In fact, any insight I gain into this experiment will also be documented and published here for you reading enjoyment and learning.
  • “What kind of scam is this?” No scam, just an experiment… not interested? not a problem, enjoy the rest of your day.
  • “1,500, why such a high number?” Not sure, just a number I picked.
  • “What will you learn from this?” Well for one thing, i’ll learn what 1,500 link backs will do to your PR.
  • “What will I learn from this?” Well for one thing, you’ll learn what 1,500 link backs will do to your PR.
  • “What are you gaining from this?” Not a whole lot except for the knowledge I gain. I obviosley do not own this url, and i’m not looking to make any money from ads. So it’s just an experiment.
  • “Why would I not do this?” Not sure why you wouldn’t. You don’t have anything to lose, just gain the opportunity to win an iPod.
  • “What happens if you get 1,500 links in?” Not sure, but if I do get that many, then someone is getting an iPod :).
  • “What happens if you DON’T get 1,500 links in?” Nothing, if I don’t hit the mark then nothing happens… so make sure to pass it on!

So that’s it… that’s my experiment. Interested? Then give a link back… pass it on to your friends and have them link back and you may be on your way to your new iPod Nano.

Official Rules

  • All trackbacks and links must be documented here. In some cases when you trackback from your blog it will register below, if it does then you’re in, if not MAKE SURE to leave a comment letting me know.
  • One link in per site or blog. Sorry, it wouldn’t work if you trackback to me 50 times
  • If I feel if someone is taking advantage (trying to hack) the system, I will have the right to reset the links. This is a difficult one because I can’t have this be comprimised. It’s unfair to the linkers and unfair to me. So please be kind and we’ll all be fine.
  • You’r chances to win a iPod will be 1 in 1,500
  • That’s all the rules!

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