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Pretty Awesome

This is probably already made it's rounds but take a look at chris bliss and this amazing juggling routine.

UPDATE:  Doesn't seem that the first one is working, here'a link directly to it

Once you've seen that now take a look at this fellow… he wants to outshine chris by taking on 5 balls. He mimics his routine almost exactly and if you stick to the end he does a small showing of 10!


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The only good thing about losing an hour of sleep today was that we get to watch the Sopranos an hour earlier!

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Ever wonder how to update the default editor in IE when you want to view source?  Ofcourse by default it uses notepad.exe but say you want to use something nicer like Textpad well here’s the steps to do it.

Step 1: Open up your registry editor, by running regedit from your Start->Run window.
Step 2: Browse the tree structure as follows
            ————–>Internet Explorer
            ——————–>View Source Editor
            —————————->Editor Name
            ———————————–>(Default)=”c:\program files\textpad 4\textpad.exe”
Step 3: That’s it, go ahead and restart IE and try it out.  It should pop Textpad right up.

Of course these steps will work for any editor, all you need to do is update the right path in the registry.

Now at this point you maybe saying, great thanks for the tip but I don’t have the View Source Editor directory.  Not to worry, if that directory doesn’t exist for you all you need to do is create it and all the keys below as well.  The “View Source Editor” and “Editor Name” should be create by right-clicking and adding a new key.

That’s it, hope it helps.

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