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As a avid PC user, i've been watching the mac progression very closely for the past couple of years, waiting to make the move into the world of Apple. Since the introduction of the Intel based notebooks I've been itching to jump. But for some reason I have been holding off. Not sure why… not sure if it's the price point or some other deep-seeded reason. After hearing about the new line of Macbooks I ran out to my local Apple Store and I must say, the new Macbooks are just perfect.

They actually didn't have any on display but after asking someone they gladly brought one from the back. It was the black model and I fell in love. It was great, because as I was in awe I noticed all of the other employees started gathering around it, this was the first time they had obviously seen it as well. A couple of things I noticed:

  • Very lightweight and the screen resolution was little lower than I would like but at 1280 x 800 it still rocks.
  • The screen had a very nice shine to it. If you familiar with the new Dell glossy screen, it's very much like that.
  • The keyboard is a bit different. A much nicer feel.
  • The mouse key is also new. It has a softer click, much more smooth.
  • The finish on the black Macbook does not have the rough finish. Which is preferred in my opinion.

Is anyone else impressed that Apple can announce a new product in the morning and by lunch they are selling it?


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