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This makes me horribly sad. If it wasn’t for the 4 day weekend i’d be depressed all day. But if you do anything right now I hope it’s to go out and backup all of your databases. Heck don’t stop there. Make sure to backup your code, documents, pictures, music, EVERYTHING. Harddrive space is cheap, DVD’s are cheap, heck webspace is cheap too… there should be no reason you can’t do a full recovery from any catastrophic failure.

I’ve never used CouchSurfing, but I appreciate them because it offers an all-to-real-reminder that harddrives and computers WILL fail.

Here’s some links to help you in your adventure:

Online Services

  • Amazon S3 – Provides a web service interface which you can communicate with directly. Probably more useful in a programming environment but the type of applications which can be built off of this should be very cool. Uses an interesting pay model. You pay per data tranfered and total data used. $0.15 per GB-Month of storage used. $0.20 per GB of data transferred. So for storing a 5 GB file transfered once it’ll be $.75 + $1 for the first month and $.75 for every additional month. Not bad.
  • AllMyData.com – P2P solution where you store files on other people hard drives and in return they store it on yours. Currently for ever 10 meg you share you get 1 meg free.
  • BackUpMyBlog – Service which helps you backup your mysql based blogs. 10 MB of backup space and each backup is compressed so 10 MB will typically store 30 to 50 daily backups. Free while in beta.
  • Box.net – A very nice solution. You get 1GB of storage for free or 5 GB for $5/mo
  • ElephantDrive – Is working with Amazon S3 and is offering unlimited amount of storage for fee during their beta test.
  • GoDaddy – Get up to 2 GB for $20 a year
  • iBackup – IBackup has been in the top 2 rated online backup solutions for years 2003, 2004 & 2005 by PC Magazine. Provides many different types of plans, starting at the economy plan you can get 5GB for $10/month.
  • iomega iStorage – Different packages available for home or professional. For 5GB for a home account it’ll cost you around $43.00
  • Mozy.com – Still in beta but has won the PC Mag Editor’s Choice Awards. Has 2GB account for free and 30GB for $5/month
  • Omnidrive – Still in private but looks promising.
  • Openonomy – Looks interesting, has a programming API to do some interfacing with the system. Only provides a free 1GB account (for now)
  • Streamload – Provides up to 25 GB for free. Allows you to put all of your digital files online and provides a way to share your videos. Has received many acolades from Time, PC World and Mobile Magazine.
  • Strongspace – Provides an SFTP communications between you and your backups. You get 4GB of space for $8/month.
  • XDrive – Has been featured in a number of publications such as NYTimes, USA Today and Information Week. Provides a free 5GB account for 30 days. After that it’s $10/month

Desktop Applications

  • FEBO and CLEO – Are used to backup all your FireFox extensions.
  • SuperDuper – Mac backup software. It’s a shareware app and it’s $30 to buy.
  • WinBackup – A great desktop backup tool. It’s completely free!

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