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After the onslaught of traffic from my previous post, I got a round of interesting spam. Now granted, I always get spam and delete it right away but for some reason I found it hard to delete these. What made these interesting is their so nice and complimentary… I should keep them around just for my ego 🙂 For example:

  • “you`re mesmerizing.”
  • “you`re astute”
  • “this is genuine”
  • “I love this site and you. Good work…”

But at the end I had to hit the delete button but I thought it was interesting enough to share.


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Pretty Awesome

This is probably already made it's rounds but take a look at chris bliss and this amazing juggling routine.

UPDATE:  Doesn't seem that the first one is working, here'a link directly to it

Once you've seen that now take a look at this fellow… he wants to outshine chris by taking on 5 balls. He mimics his routine almost exactly and if you stick to the end he does a small showing of 10!

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So this is some pretty cool news or rumor if you're a halo fan.  My thought is that MSFT was holding off a bit for Halo 3 to burst the PS3 bubble.   Based off of this rumor it seems as though the PS3 should be released prior to Halo 3.  I've spoke with many people who are holding out for sony but always had it in the back of their mind that they would drop it for a glimpse of Halo 3.  In my opinion, the next version of Halo is the PS3 killer, if timed properly.  Is anyone else waiting for Halo 3 to make a decision?

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